13 May 2007

exim on cygwin working

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Have got exim delivering local mail properly, and for non-local mail, talking sensibly to my ISP’s SMTP server. (more…)


exim on cygwin — missing DLLs

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The problem: newly installed exim for cygwin doesn’t work. When run, exim exits immediately without producing any error message or sending anything to its logs. (more…)

3 May 2007

fantastic victoriana

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I forgot to mention earlier, when talking about Melmoth, that there’s a pretty fabulous site dedicated to Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana. The fact that it’s soon being published in book form is indicative of the level of work put in by the webmaster, Jess Nevins.

She certainly has a great deal of enthusiasm for Victorian authors. After a quick read of some of the stories of one of the featured authors – L.T. Meade – I’m inclined to rank her as competent storyteller, but not wildly exciting … but JN is a good deal more effusive.

Worth a look.

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