28 August 2007

Sorrows of Werther

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Werther had a love for Charlotte
  Such as words could never utter;
Would you know how first he met her?
  She was cutting bread and butter.

Charlotte was a married lady,
  And a moral man was Werther,
And for all the wealth of Indies,
  Would do nothing for to hurt her.

So he sighed and pined and ogled,
  And his passion boiled and bubbled.
Till he blew his silly brains out,
  And no more was by it troubled.

Charlotte, having seen his body
  Borne before her on a shutter,
Like a well-conducted person,
  Went on cutting bread and butter.

— W. Makepeace Thackeray


15 August 2007

wine dimples

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Heh, nifty.

Almost overwhelming scientific evidence reveals that it’s possible to work out the price of a bottle of wine without seeing the label:

Well, OK, “overwhelming” might be overstating it a bit. “Scientific” and “evidence” likewise. But it could be a handy trick, particularly if someone works it out for wine prices in countries other than Britain. The magic formula (this one for white wine):

Price of bottle = (Dimple depth in mm + £3.49) / 4.3144 – about a pound

The dimples are apparently called “punts” and there’s no agreement on exactly what they’re for. My favourite suggestion is that they used to make the bottle more stable – a flat bottom would need only a slight bump to make it unstable.

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